Instruction Manual

Congratulations on your purchase from Wig Distribution Ireland - you made an excellent choice!

Please carefully read the use and care instructions below for cleaning and maintenance, packed separately, and keep them.


Upon receipt, please check that your delivery is complete & includes the following items;

  • Wig
  • Care instructions
  • Instructions for use
  • Terms of delivery and warranty
  • Storage box


Ensuring the participation in social life without restrictions that can arise from an adjustment disorder (according to ICD F43.2) after pathological hair loss.


Adjustment disorder (according to ICD F43.2) with severe emotional impairments as a result of pathological partial or complete loss of hair in individuals.


Keep away from heat, hot water, hairdryers, heaters, curling irons, open ovens and other sources of heat or extreme light. Human hair models and heat-resistant fibres can be blow-dried and styled, but not with excessive heat. Do not use harsh or corrosive cleaning products. Please follow the care instructions for synthetic and human hair carefully. Caution! On rare occasions, material sensitivity may occur. Should it be the case, please contact your local wig specialist.

The product should not be worn if intolerance or allergy to polyurethane or nylon are known. Furthermore, it should not be used in case of skin irritations or open wounds in the area where the hairpiece or wig is worn.


The wig was delivered according to your order. Remove the hairnet, if provided, before wearing this product. When putting on the wig, please take extreme care and make sure it fits correctly! If you have any questions about handling or problems with your wig, please contact us or your wig specialist. Any serious incident (for example severe physical injury) that occurred in connection with the product must be reported to the manufacturer and the competent authority of the Member State in which the user and/or patient is established.


Due to hygienic reasons, once the wig has been worn, it is meant for personal use only and is not suitable for re-use or to be given to third parties. When you no longer need the wig, dispose of the product according to the instructions below.


Unless the wig is suspected of being infectious, it can be disposed of with your household waste. However, it should not be mixed with organic waste. Otherwise, local regulations apply.


Excluded from the warranty is damage that has been caused by normal wear and tear, improper use, lack of maintenance or inadequate care.


As the manufacturer, we declare under our sole responsibility that the wig provided complies with the essential safety and performance requirements of EU Regulation 2017/745 for medical products.